Blenders grab silhouette

Blender is doing interesting steps regarding sculpting.
A nice feature is grab silhouette, where you grab just one side of the object while the other side keeps it‘s silhouette.

There are a bunch of interesting features, but I haven‘t tried none of them. Advertising is always more glory than reality, even for a non profit app. Anyway I think it‘s always nice to see what others are coming up. 7 billion people - the biggest super computer ever.

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I think overall I’m a bit closer to zbrush in the direction that I’m taking.
Not that I specifically want it but often when I think about a feature I realise zbrush already has it and with a behavior almost similar to what I was thinking about (or better to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:).
Probably the reason why no one wants to compete against zbrush, and also why I targeted the iPad and decided to focus a bit more on the overall UX experience.

I’m following blender as well of course, but I’m a bit skeptical on how much control and predictive some sculpting tools are (maybe it’s a wrong intuition though, didn’t have time to dig the subject).
Blender really shines in that it has lot of poly tools as well, but it’s not really sculpting though.

Anyway back to the topic, looks very similar to the “front-facing vertex only” but instead of taking the camera normal it’s taking the deformation normal instead.
Basically it would be “view front-facing vertex only” and “deformation direction front-facing vertex only”.

Not sure if it could make sense for other tools as well.


Me personally, I clearly see Nomad sticks out against all other sculpting apps due to nice,easy and fast UI experience, wonderful real time renderer, nice tools that simply are working straight forward and the iPad use, and a Developer that is responding and super fast with few bugs. A unique combination.
Wether it‘s zBrush or other apps, any inspiration is good if it is not distracting but pointing into a better user experience.
OT is one of the cases I often was fiddling around.One could work with masks, with smaller brush diameter for sure. It is not mega high priority but really a nice have.
If it would make sense for more than grab and move?
I guess yes.
You can use bigger brushes without masking I.e. which is a plus.
“deformation direction vertex only” is a nice addition to the toolset.!

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I think Nomad is much more like Blender than Zbrush. Blender is an amazing app for sculpting, and it is very innovative regarding the tools, like cloth brush, pattern masking, temporal IK, etc. For me the UI/UX is much better in general than Zbrush, I’ve always found very tedious to work navigating tiny menus in Zbrush but maybe some people love that interface.

Zbrush is just much more capable of handling huge amounts of geometry and has built over the years a very production friendly toolset, like mesh inserting, curves for arraying objects like zippers, scales, chainmail, or auto retopology, HD sculpting option, or just making a 30 million polygons sculptures a breeze to work with. Blender can’t do that but can do a lot , that’s another thing in common with Nomad, you can’t do 30 Million polys in neither app so maybe Zbrush is not the best direction to go, but I’m just a user, what do I know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Voxel sculpting in 3D coat and the much better to control curves in 3Dcoat… where ever there is useful inspiration ,like OT blenders grab silhouette or pose brush, one should have an eye on it. ZBrush is most advanced sculpting software grown from a 2,5D painter. Lot‘s of inspiration there like insert mesh and hundreds more.

For inspiration, even Microsoft Word could be possible, if this office suite really would have generated human friendly features…

I would avoid any fanboy discussion as so many software has incredible features. Like procedural brush heads in free verve painter.
And grab silhouette… :sunglasses: