Ipad air 2022 8GB. Performance?

Hi there,
I thinking buying this app for when I’m out of my main workstation.

What do you thing about ipad air 2022? I see it has same specs that old ipad pro:
M1 chipset, 8gb ram.

Should be enought or it will lag/crash?

Thanks in advance.

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That’s what I am currently using and haven’t had any issues. Only time I got a crash was voxel remeshing at a way high number. Other than that, I haven’t even come close to utilizing the full RAM. Plus ipad put out an update involving virtual RAM as well so you get about 7 GB to work with vs the 6 GB from about 2 months ago.

Just curious, do you know what this means for my 2018 iPad pro?
I believe it only had 4gb ram.

Only applies to M1 iPads over 256gb (64gb iPad Air 5th generation doesn’t support virtual memory)

I’m not sure it’s the magic bullet that it was claimed to be in doubling usable ram, more likely adds stability for having multiple apps open, meaning they won’t get shut down in the background when ram is low.