IOS - Show gestures on screen - in App Option

Is it possible to add a feature for tutorial screen recording to show the gestures while sculpting ? In some apps you can enable this.


Yes, that would be great! You can do it as overlay only for finger tap in iOS System already. But I‘m looking for a bigger solution that may exist. Have a look at this Video for example, not only your finger taps and moves are shown as red dots but also the Pencil actions are visualized…

I already ask in various iPad groups and also wrote a comment for the author of the vid but got no answer yet…

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Holger, I’m not sure if this shows up on video but there is a “show touches” setting in iOS. Maybe that would suffice? It’s in settings > accessibility > touch > assistive touch.
I know it’s there to give cues to visual impaired users but could also work for “where did you tap”?

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Exactly that would be absolutely super ! But I also find nothing, and I have absolutely no desire to post-process the videos!

Thank you, but this function does not help properly. With this you can only show 1 touch point, no zooming or 4 finger tap… It is also not possible to show if the stylus or finger is being used. Unfortunately !

That’s a shame……I’m not sure but I thought I saw a video from Glen Southern that showed finger taps? Might possibly have been in Procreate….

Maybe we should ask company directly? They also use it in their tutorial videos.

Oh damn, I figured out now, that’s it’s no general setting or 3rd patry App it’s included in Shapr3D as overlay option you can active in settings, here they explained it…
Creating a tutorial - Need help? We are here. - Shapr3D forums

So YES +1 for Holgers suggestions to include this in Nomad, too. Would be so helpful for creating Nomad Tutorials and explanations. Please consider @stephomi

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Yes, like this Tutorial Mode from Claas

or in Onshape:

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No idea if this can done by a user, but is some code for this on GitHub.