Improvement: hide the iOS home bar instead of lifting the UI

Since the last update, the iPad Pro UI looks like this:

I imagine it is so that the home bar doesn’t overlap the UI. It is not a lot, but it’s still valuable screen real estate, especially on the iPhone. I think a better solution would be to hide the home bar. In that case, you have to swipe up twice from the bottom to go home, but virtually every creative app uses the hidden home bar mode, so it wouldn’t be out of place.

Hmm I don’t have that on the iPad Air, and I don’t think the iPhone has it either.

It’s probably an iPad Pro thing, I’ll try to fix that.
IOS has an option so that border swipe events can be ignored for the app, but I didn’t expect it to add a border.

Can you confirm the bar is always there and doesn’t appear when you try swiping?

This is what it looked like pre-update.

Of course the iPad Air doesn’t have it, since the iPad Air doesn’t have a home bar. The iPhone X and later and the iPad Pro’s have the home bar, since they have no home button.

Yes, the bar always stays there.

Also I said it incorrectly, the “hidden home bar” mode only dims the home bar, it doesn’t completely hide it. I imagine that’s a bigger problem on the iPhone X where it would cover up the bottom menu row, but on the iPad it is completely fine like this.

Edit: I’m a bit confused haha. Referencing other apps, you can both make it so that the first swipe is ignored on the home bar (e.g. Procreate, Affinity Photo), and you can also hide it, which is most useful for games and video apps (e.g. Netflix). I think on the iPad Pro at least, the home bar doesn’t intrude much, so it can stay visible, and I also never accidentally swiped up on it.

I made two changes:

  1. ignoring input from bottom edge swipe (so that opening the bottom menu doesn’t move the camera)
  2. Adjust frame size to take into account the iPhone notch

The dim bar thing might come from 1. though.
The grey ui bar is probably coming from 2. when I added support for notch.

Before that the app was simply unusable on iPhone because of the notch.

It’s not clear what is the best behavior.

Procreate and Affinity Photo don’t have bottom bar so they don’t have the “home bar collides with ui” issue.

Ok I’ll try to add back the “dim” behavior thing.

For the full bottom bar, it’s a bit annoying because on ihpone it’s actually useful as it accounts for round corner.

I don’t control the height of this bar as iOS return a “safe area”. I don’t like it but I might add a special rule for iPad to remove the bottom bar.

Just to be clear, what is the more annoying?

  • white home bar (instead of dimmed)?
  • the nomad bottom bar

I don’t really mind whether the home bar is dimmed or not, what’s annoying here is the black bar at the length of the entire screen. I think for Nomad the most convenient option would be if it were hidden completely, since otherwise to avoid overlapping with the UI, you’d need to reduce the available screen real estate. iOS allows you to do that (hide the bar completely), I see plenty of apps that opted for it, see e.g. LiquidText:

Ahah I talked to someone else and it was the opposite, he didn’t mind the bottom bar but was annoyed by the full white bar, mostly because of the behavior changes (one swipe / wrong move).

The Apple doc says that there is no guarantee that you can hide the bar but I’ll see what I can do.

I see what they might mean by that. Basically the home bar is shown whenever I swipe up, interact with system UI or with another app in slideover mode, but otherwise it’s always hidden.

The good news is that the bar doesn’t seem to block buttons under it from receiving input, so that combined with hiding it would solve it I think.