UI bug with snap cube

In the UI arrangement that I use this is a minor flaw I found.
If you expand the toolbox rows to be two rows with auto collapse off the snap cube gets partly hidden by it.

To avoid this if I flip the position of the cube to the left side, the expanded toolbox triggers the snap cube to shift position there.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug?

Hi, are you on iOS or Android (which OS-Version)? Using Nomad 1.65 I cannot reproduce this on iPadPro with current OS nor on Android Tablet with Android 11.
Web demo works as expected, too.

I’m using the ios version on the ipad air 4. And yes latest update.

UI has a few small nuances here & there, I could pull out several (and have done so in the past) - however, they don’t affect Nomad’s usability as a whole. There are ways around with alternative UI configurations which result in nigh-perfect user experience. Priority has to be high for Stephane to intervene, and high priority generally equates to an issue that can disrupt Nomad’s usability as a whole for all users. Thanks for pointing it out though bud.

@3D-Board After I read your reply regarding you not being able to replicate the error I realised maybe it was something to do with how I had reconfigured my UI. So I reset my interface, settings and tools to the defaults and reconfigured my UI and preferences again to how I was last using it, and now I don’t see this bug anymore !!!
It’s behaving like it’s supposed to now. Thank you for your time.
Maybe it’s some internal mess up with the code as the app had been through quite a few updates since I originally configured my UI. Maybe Stéphane would know or find something about what caused this behaviour in the first place.

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Indeed, agreed that’s true bud.

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@Anoop glad you find a fix.