I love my grids lol

I’m trying stuff today it was grids with tiny little holes, I thought I should go up a lot in resolution but no. better, after a global remesh decimation or uniformization with a lot less polygons the result was better.


Nice ones!
Would you like to share your workflow?

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I try to explain

1 - I used the masks to cut out the small pieces on which I was going to apply an intense voxel remesh. Then with an alpha with points in Grab mode I created the grid with a mask and then I used extract that’s all, it’s not complicated at all actually

2 - I tried something else always with the mask and the same alpha but this time I used clay in screen project mode, I have less of this technique because I used dynamic topology only on the circular space than I needed but suddenly it creates artefacts in the mesh around and therefore it is necessary to soften it is less precise but it is fine.

3 - 3 - For those I used I wanted the grid to be under the height of the surface so the first technique did not work so I used technique 2 by first digging the hole with a round mask and I then erased the artefacts that appeared because of the dynamic topo then I used clay to take the grid out of the hole.

It really is not complicated.
What was complicated on the other hand is to fold the torus on the grids elongated on the sides. For that I hope that @stephomi will be able to help us with a deformation cage to bend, twist, taper … etc.