How to unmask everything?

Hello, I’m completely new to 3d modeling and this app and I’ve been playing around with it the past hours. I’m currently having a problem with my model and masks and maybe it was a mistake on my part. I drew a mask and extracted from it, which caused the rest of my model to be masked and for the extraction to be able to work with. After working with it I tried unmasking the main part of the model but it caused the other area that I was working with to mask itself automatically. I’ve used the clear button and unmasking options several times but nothing seems to fix it.

Maybe I can’t change it and it was a mistake on my part since I’m new to this but if there is any way that I can unmask everything I’d love to know. Thank you!

Hold the mask button and drag on the background (not on the model) - the model will unmask. You can only unmask selected models. If your model is in several parts then they will need to be selected and unmasked also.

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Maybe you need to scroll down a bit till mask.
It will be even more cool in next release.


While you are utilizing the cover brush, click on the brush settings ( the brush symbol in the upper right corner, and in the board you will see INVERT. You can likewise hold down the cover symbol as an afterthought board and afterward tap the foundation behind your shape to rearrange the veil. A swipe down on the foundation will likewise clear the cover.
or select the mask tool > click on the brush settings > click ‘clear’

Isn’t that what I typed?

No,no, no, no…. it’s what I linked to :joy:

But very confusing.
So for last time

Copied form from manual:

Quick gesture

You can perform zbrush-style gestures while holding the quick masking button:

Action Gesture (hold lower-left shortcut)
Invert Tap on the background
Clear Drag on the background
Blur Tap on masked area
Sharpen Tap on unmasked area


Or use menu.
When one of mask brush is active, tap on top left icon.