How large is to large for a file

I have a file that is now not opening. Looking through my iPad it says the file size is 460mb. It did have layers that I was trying to merge together.

Right now it opens to a darkened screen with just a ball as if I was just starting a new project.

How much mb should I be trying to keep these projects at?
How can I get crisper looking image without subdividing.?

iPad Air 4 gen
IOS: 15.0.1
Capacity: 64gb
Available 46gb
Nomad: 1.61

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I have had this issue before, it may be the signs of a corrupted file. It is quite a hassle to restore it can be done through a desktop computer via decompression using HomeBrew and with Blender to rebuild the .gltf file. Unless the project is really important I don’t recommend it, just use this as a learning opportunity so it doesn’t happen to the next one. File size can be as large as you like, its the RAM (memory) you need to pay attention to. Nomad needs around a gig minimum to save and perform render exports, sometimes more for bigger models, if it’s below this boundary then problems can occur especially if it tries to Autosave during this point. For crisper looking images, go into the Materials menu and turn Smoothing on, and in Display Settings you can enhance the rendering resolution from default to max. Turning on Post Processing and using ‘Curvature’ can also help bring out the crispness in an image - and you can also from there enhance it further with Sharpness. Subdivision is to enhance detail on the mesh, it won’t necessarily produce a crisper image, it will consume a lot of RAM however if used consistently and without much warrant. Basically, if you don’t need to subdivide, don’t. Dynamic Topology will enhance only the areas you intend to work on and is more suitable for surface detail refinements when trying to conserve memory and vertices count.

The file is likely not corrupted, you simply run out of memory.
Read this FAQ | Nomad Sculpt

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Thank you guys. I’ll try some of the things mentioned here. But how memory is actually needed for a file this big?

I don’t have a lot of layers but I do have a lot of scenes on this file. Can I merge those at loading?

RAM is different than storage space, RAM is temporary memory software needs to use to function, it gets consumed the more you progress in Nomad. Nomad on the iPad Air 4 can access about 2.8GB of RAM out of its 4GB. Nomad needs about a gig of this to save comfortably, so ideally it gives you just under 2GB to work with. This is not to be confused with the 64GB SSD storage space. When you save your work, the software writes permanently into the solid state drive, RAM is reusable and is in constant use by iOS and every app to power the software architecture. The more RAM a device has, the more higher workflows it can handle.

You can only merge layers, the scene is the stage where the sculpting occurs - if you’re on about the objects in the Scene tree view, you can select them all and either Simple Merge them which organises them into a single connected group of separable objects, or you can voxel merge them which converges them all into one unified mesh that cannot be unseparated (without using the history stack)