How can i render a large file?

Hello there,

Does anyone have an idea how I can render a large file? During rendering my ipad crashes.
I can only make a screenshot.
917mb is too much. Too many details.

And I could go on for hours to make more details :slight_smile:

Greetings from german

By render do you mean “save” or simply the “render function”?

In the topology panel, how many RAM do you have left? :slight_smile:
You can see some stats at the bottom of the “History settings” panel as well.

Closing other applications might work.

Merging layers and clearing the history (reopening the app or a project will clear the history) can help save a bit of memory.

Hi Stéphane,

I wanted to render on screen or 1080, no chance
I still have 18mb free ram.
Unfortunately the program crashes most of the time.
I think there is not much left to save.
I try to delete detailed merges to reduce memory.

Let’s see what happens.


I have now exported the file as obj and imported it into a new file. This has reduced the file by 80mb.
Afterwards I deleted one leg.
The file is now about 400mb large.

At least I can continue working and reduce the file size.

Ah ok, that’s almost nothing, any operation can easily lead to a crash.

However the size of the file is most irrelevant here, especially for rendering.
The only thing that matters is the RAM/VRAM usage (although there are closely related).

Ok, and what do I have to pay attention to keep RAM / VRAM low?

Same as most softwares.

Closing and re-opening the app will free the history stack so it can help a bit.
Other than that, try to keep the polycount low, and merge layers as much as possible.

By curiosity, how many polygons do you have in your scene?
You are pushing the iPad to its limit.

Ah and obviously, kill other apps in the background to free memory.

Hmh, where do I find the information about the polygons?

Could it be this one?

Yes, 12M is a lot ahah

You still have 1Go RAM left but some operations tends to use more memory’ for example the voxel remesher.

Also in the history settings you can limit the memory allocated to undo/redo.

Nomad was morer designed for organic sculpting than full hard surface surface, but that’s impressive what you achieved.
I would like to add polygon modeling tools so that hard surface would be possible without requiring millions of polygons, but for now it’s not planned.

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Blimey, 12 million polygons! :astonished:
I max out at just over 4 million with all other apps closed. You are obviously using a newer iPad.

Nomad on the 2020 IPad Pro is pretty nice. I’m on a project that has 23 Millon polygons and it still runs smoothly.