Rat King WIP

Trying to get one of my concepts modeled but reaching Nomad’s ( iPad’s ) limits.
Basically I can’t render out images. It will crash once I press share or save image.
I already decimate all meshes depending on the distant to the camera.
Is the a flush memory/ cache option somewhere?



What resolution did you set?
For your problem, you need to use a lower render ratio, I shouldn’t put the default at 1.0.

This is great! Simply great.

For rendering, you could add one cam view and separate the picture in two parts and scenes. Delete what is not needed, render background, load foreground scene. in foreground scene use background render as background image and render foreground on top. It‘s tedious, it‘s not what one is used to, but it‘s an option. You already thought of I guess, but maybe others not.
But best to do final comp somewhere else as you can use post processing effects like bloom etc.
There is no option in Nomad to affect sculpt only.

Fantastic rich scene!

Yes I thought of it. The problem with that approach is that I also render out in passes. Separate light passes, zdepth etc etc… I also create an extra file for mask IDs . Having to split in layers is a pain in the butt until with get layer management :slight_smile:

Well I need 4k but it also crashes with screen resolution. Render ratio means the image resolution will be lower?

Very nice work. Hopefully you will find a way to render this out.
Look forward to seeing more. :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

“Render resolution” is ignored when exporting an image.
“Render ratio” takes over and play the same role, a render ratio of 1.0 corresponds to a render resolution of 2.
Yes lower value means smaller resolution but the final image will still be 4K (the final pass will be an upscaling).

You have to imagine there are lot of textures used when many postprocess are used.

By the way, what is your iPad?
On my Air 4 I can export in native 4K with all the postprocess on, with a 4M scene.

Great work! Can’t wait to see it in colour

iPad Pro. Today I had had crashes with a very simple scene. Nomad instantly closed. Definitely not a memory issue in that particular case

Was the crash together with an imported model? I had some issues with an import last days. Try „keep topology at import“

IPad Pro is a Long List. My first 9,7“ has 2GB Ram. The new iPad Air 3GB. The 2020 >1TB 6GB and the 2021 8GB and >1TB is 16GB. Ram is the main culprit. Close everything else. Sometimes a iPad fresh start can purge same kb Ram as well.

But what was the resolution?
The complexity of the scene is not really relevant when exporting render image, it’s the total amount of textures allocated that makes it crash. The scene takes the same amount of memory whether you render at low or high res.

And we are talking gpu memory, which might have a lower limit that total ram (although in theory the memory is unified, I suspect the limit is lower).

Might depend on what iPad Pro you own.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd generation

I use a lot of post process yes.
So did I get this right? Every post effect is like a texture?

Yes more or less.

Some effects are composed of multiple passes (several textures) and others are included in the same pass. Also, textures are re-used when possible.
The final count is not trivial to get.

There’s also the “full resolution” option in the postprocess that will have an impact.

Yeah full res I always have checked. Will try without then.
But I don’t quite understand… how is a sharpen effect a texture?

Sharpen happens a screen space, like the other effects.
But all the effect below and including “tone-mapping” are almost free as they are merged in 1 or 2 pass max.

But it’s not clear if it’s a memory issue or something else.
Typically if I render a crazy setting like 8k, my iPad reboots, which is not a normal behavior for iOS (it should simply crash the app because of the sandboxing, not the whole system).

Rendering to a texture AND reading from it is not the same thing as simply using a texture.

Just to chime in, the recent sculpt I did I hit a limit of around 4GB out of my 6GB available (I constantly, constantly flush history at every available opportunity) - each mesh on the model had half a dozen layers, I had post processing tuned to very high levels, and I couldn’t maintain memory well even when there was 2.5GB free in some cases (it was getting flushed a lot, if I hadn’t this would have been well over 4GB in theory), saving produced crashes. What I did find interesting, I was able to mitigate some crashes by making sure Nomad’s save thumbnail didn’t change. If I altered the model position on camera and saved it, it was more likely to crash than if I saved it using a similarly rendered or identical thumbnail. Not sure if any this is relevant but just dropping in what I’ve discovered recently.

I had to decimate the heck out of it. Since I will do overpaint later it doesn’t really matter.

We need more lights but I understand that it might be difficult in an iPad.

Also, if Steph would give us an IDmask feature, post work would be so much easier. Once we get later management layers could have IDs assigned to it which can then be rendered as unlit chromatic colors.

The debugging height map could be used to fake fog but need to be affected by the depth of field.

If we could get the world position pass and normals I could generate a camera inside my comp software and do very cool things with it such as displace a plane using the world position coordinates.

Btw Is the normal shader object space?


Just read the 4th light is working!! Awesome

Very nice.:+1:t2:

Most complex and most wonderful scene I‘ve ever seen done in Nomad! :vulcan_salute: