How create armor scales?

Any tip to create armor scales like the screen shot? using alphas?

Brush them directly in with Brush/Clay tool, shape them afterward with Crease. Might need to play with intensities, Crease pinch force (enable -sub also) and stroke fall offs to tune the reaction of the tools. Use Dynamic Topology to help build up the mesh without stressing the vertices and faces and warping them out of shape as you add additional sculpting layers (adding more polygons to increase the count, think of it like adding waddings of clay onto of a physical sculpture to give it more volume). There’s lots of ways to do this, but this is the easiest and most time conservative.

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I would try making your own alpha. It’s fairly easy and should yield a more consistent result.

I will try, thanks

Brush the alpha and then shape with crease, right? sorry if my questions are too silly but I’m new.

If you use an alpha you won’t need to do much, just set Brush tool to dynamic radius and start popping them in. If you opt to manually do them, just use the Brush or Clay tool as standard, no alpha’s, enable dynamic topology and start etching onto the mesh’s surface. As Roger pointed out, consistency might be an issue, but if you get into a good swing of it, it’ll be fine.

Ok, I understand, thanks

I quickly made an brush that kind of worked. It could get you started. Work it like shingles on a house - start low and move your way up.


Thanks @RogerRoger , I will try today

Not so bad, thanks.

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Wow, looks amazing, thanks! I will try