Scale down my hands? And: adding geometry?

I’ve made some nice hands for my figure, but they’re too big! What’s the best way to scale them down so that the match the rest of the model? Mask them, then invert mask, then transform tool, then scale the whole visible model? Or can I lasso them somehow and scale them that way?

Also, is there a tool that’s good for adding geometry on the fly? The Clay tool doesn’t add vertices, does it? Nor does the Inflate tool? I’m guessing it’s best just to create a primitive or use tubes or such?

Just an extra method to possibly try would be to use the “Split” tool to pull the hands off, then separate, scale a single hand and place it where it needs to be, mirror and voxel merge. As long as it isn’t too detailed, it could work without any stretching of the mesh.

For adding vertices with those tools, you need to turn on dynamic topology and hit the “subdivision” radial. I’m coming from the original Sculptris, so I use this method for adding in almost everything to a sculpt (ears, body, arms, legs, fingers, etc.). If you’re still in the initial build up/concepting phase, then adding primitives and merging is probably the right way to go. I don’t do things the “right” way too often and start detailing areas and then afterwards decide I want to add more. When you want to clean up the mesh a bit, you can go back over dense areas with the “uniformisation” instead of using the voxel remesh on the entire sculpt which could lose smaller details that I often prefer to keep.

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t played much with dynamic topology yet, so I’ll experiment with this. I’ve used both Dynamesh and Sculptis Pro within ZBrush, so I’m comfortable with the general idea.

I also have to resist the temptation to add lots of detail before I’ve finished my block-in. Many art teachers have lectured me about this, lol.

Pinch tool > set to dynamic radius > medium radius/intensity on the sliders, tick -sub. Clone this tool, name it Resize. Keep symmetry on. Use fall off ‘out-pow4’ -Sub enabled inflates, disable it and it regresses. Super useful, it’s one of my staples. I use it like one of the 27 tools already there, I just now see it as 28.

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Thanks for that suggestion, John_Mills! I’ll go ahead and make a Resize tool of my own. It sounds like just what I need! Thanks again.

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Out of the 12 or so mesh manipulating tools, many more custom tools can be made, each tool acts and responds differently when you start tinkering with them and you get some really interesting results, I’m still learning this element of creating custom tools. Resize tool has been one of my more favoured discoveries.

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Updated the tool creation method works properly if re-read comment.

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I’ve got a range of “Uber” tools saved for a bunch of tools. They start at 1000% intensity for smooth / pinch / inflate / flatten and all set to drag. Once you drag and see the high intensity results, you can keep the pencil on the screen whilst lowering the intensity until you see the favoured result. This is especially good for smoothing whole models and the inflate drag is a must for slight expansion / contraction of models.


Custom uber tools! lol, powerful setups with high intensity, falloffs and other tweaks. Definitely is a deeper, less looked into side of Nomad by users, so much extra sculpting potential. I enjoy seeing what I can do with this side of its engine.


You guys are amazing! Great stuff.


You’ve got me intrigued by your new tool names there. Could you please elaborate on the settings of yours so I might try them out?
Mine are simply 1000% Intensity & Drag for Inflate / Flatten & Smooth and 1000% Intensity for Pinch & Crease. I’ve had a bunch more but have cleared them out once they’ve proven to be not so useful.

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I recently shared a massive post and a demo video of these tools in use on the Nomad - Sculpt Users Facebook community group. I’ve also started sharing the creation process of them also, the Resize tool is on there on how to create. I will copy and paste some of the information on here as well. If you’re not part of the FB already group, just send a request I’ll accept it man.


Thanks man. I’ve seen you in the group but I’ve been on a “holiday” from Facebook for a couple of years and only dip in and out infrequently. Must’ve missed your post about tool development & will go in now and have a good look. :+1:t2:

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Ideal man, it’s pinned to the top so you won’t miss it when you go in. I understood the whole facebook holiday thing, i wiped an account over a decade and a half old , took photo’s and contacts off, shut it down (privacy, adverts & personal info reasons), stayed off fb for awhile, then resurfaced eventually with a new one, fresh information, restricted content etc. I’ve become too wary over the years over big tech’s Big Brother tactics, fresh start made sense!

Share the knowledge, share the wealth man :smiley: :v:

I just found that I was spending too much time getting into pointless arguments with overly opinionated people - simple comments turning into wars of words. Then covid hit & I realised that people who I once thought of as friends became overnight “experts” in vaccinations, disease statistics and of course jumped on to insane conspiracy theories. Made me too sad to see the downwards spiral into madness of once mild mannered people, who I’d now consider in need of a mental health intervention. And so……I’m now a FB watcher rather than a user. I still enjoy forums & discord as the topics are slightly more focused to things I’m interested in :+1:t2:


Amen to that my friend. Very wise decision and unfortunately a very annoying to experience and go through. I try and avoid political debates online now, it’s one of the reasons I keep personal information so restricted and just keep it as an artwork centred professional oriented account. I learnt my lessons when Trump was on the world stage, and just simply commenting or disputing his nonsense turned entire threads into a digital representation of the chaos recently seen in Afghanistan. Mass public commenting belongs to the idiots flocking in to jump in on an opportunity, anyone wise steers clear of that as demonstrated by our two stories here. YouTube is an excellent example of that wild landscape of blathering idiots. Closed private forums and intelligent communities like Quora are staples I frequent. Too much rubbish on the clear web, too much perverse on the dark. I’m happier sometimes with the wifi off in all fairness lol.


Sorry for jumping in this post fairly late.

Some weeks back I saw that you posted some json files - I think these were different custom tools - in the Facebook group mentioned in this thread.

Unfortunately I cannot find them in the group anymore - would you mind sharing them again or explain how you set up your other tools.

Let me know if I can buy you a coffee or beer via some social platform to value your efforts.


Hi dude, if you check the ‘Files’ section in the Group, they’re all there, there’s about 10-15 by different contributors to play with.

Thanks for your quick answer.

I double checked the group on my iPad Pro but „Files“ is not visible. This section only appears when using Safari on macOS.