Adding ‘clay’?

I have tried searching for a previous topic on this but so far have not found an answer.
With the little time I have spent sculpting I have tried to use the brush or clay tools in such a way that they built more topology not stretching or subdividing. Kind of like adding a shaped shell on top of the existing. I am guessing dynamic topology is the answer here.

I did find a way to build up using a mask and extracting a shell then using voxel Re mesh, this is a messy operation though.

Any hints or suggestions?

Or point me to a previous thread on this topic.


Dynamic topology brush and remesh is the way for me. Also making your model up out of basic shapes. Easier to adjust and when ready remesh into one sculpt. :blush:

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Thanks - I will play with the settings on the dynamic topology and see if it gets me where I want it.
I guess what I am wishing for is a brush that adds a thick layer of new topology. I am hoping the upcoming tube snapping will do this exact thing.