Retopology tool

A retopology toolset would be great to work on characters for animation. Something like 3dCoat or Retopoflow. It would be awesome to be able to do this with an iPad.


there is the remesher with the conservation of the subdivision levels but if you want real retopology then you would also need UV etc. otherwise it wouldn’t be of much use

I see what you mean. I’m just looking for something where you can manually direct the flow of topology for animation. The remesher doesn’t do that unfortunately.
Just thought it’d be a neat idea to sculpt then to remodel in one app, instead of exporting the sculpt to another program to retopologise it.

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Not easy to program. Stephane said no to this request already before. Even Pixologic outsourced this task for zBrush.

Hello, but in this case why not propose a manual retopo that would avoid going through his PC or Mac. a proipre retopo can go much more in the production process

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Something like a “retopology object” with a poly brush like Blender has would be good I think if it ever were considered. Basically an object that projects faces on regular geometry using the poly brush. Or maybe make it another remesh option where you can draw loop lines with a pen, and then when you remesh it places face loops there, and then fills in between automatically. Just some ideas :smile: