How can I import a model with colour (textures) into nomad?

I want to know how to import models with all the colour on them. I downloaded some gltf files but they didn’t open in nomad. And is there a way to use .mtl and .tga textures in nomad? Please help

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Please provide the file, some stuffs are supported while some other things are not supported.

glTF are supported but you need to give more information on how you proceed, “they didn’t open” is not enough.

Hi Dara, unfortunately there’s not much information to go by. MTL files aren’t texture files, it’s a related text file that accompanies 3D models (usually Object) that co-ordinates accompanying textures - and whatever the format for the texture - whether .tga or otherwise, should be able to be read by Nomad. I haven’t personally tried importing other third party gITF files personally so I can’t help much beyond that - but gITF’s are read in Nomad. If you’re just using ‘import’ - associated textures might not load with it. Try drag and dropping the entire folder into Nomad instead (multi-task in iOS). Not saying this is a silver bullet, but might have better luck. Otherwise, as Stephomi said, more information would be handy.

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Okay thanks, I will try that.
This is a file for instance (I got it
It from polyhaven)
calathea_orbifolia_01_4k.gltf (8.5 KB)

Works fine. Just drag and drop the entire zip file into Nomad, then switch the shader to ‘PBR-UV’. Voila. I downloaded the same file directly off of polyhaven btw, 8.5kb didnt seem right on the linked file.

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It doesn’t work because you didn’t select the ”bin” file (nor the textures) along with the glTF file.
Selecting the zip will work as well.

On mobile apps cannot read file that are not selected by the users, that’s why you need to make sure everything is present.

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