Help with hand modeling

A question from a total beginner: right now I’m trying out making hands/fingers and I am wondering how you experts would go about doing it so that it can be re-used and manipulated in a “hand-like” way? I’d like to be able to curl the fingers or have the thumb touch the palm, etc. in future iterations. Wondering what your process would be to sculpt with these kinds articulations in mind. Or would you simply build back up from scratch? Thank you for any help!

I think you are looking for a posing tool.
Currently the only way to do that in Nomad is to use masking along with the gizmo (there’s a small video in the gizmo part Tools | Nomad Sculpt).

The idea is to mask everything but the part you want to move, then use the gizmo after moving the pivot on the joint.


I just discovered the Gizmo lock yesterday :flushed:
Tap on it to move just the gizmo where you want the rotation pivot to be, lock it again and rotate. Works pretty fine.


Genius. Worked beautifully. Thank you.

So helpful. Thank you.