Astronaut pose & pivot change?

I made this character which seemed curious to me to work with texts and alphas, then I thought of a composition (pose) that would help me create a better environment, I tried it with masks and trying to move the mesh but it didn’t look good.

Does anyone know if Nomad allows you to move the pivot or make a basic rig to pose characters?

Thank you



You may find explanations in this video:


Glen’s method is great for hard surface things where you can put splits in, but you can also just move soft stuff around like your astronaut with masks and the gizmo tool. Think of it like you had a clay sculpt, you could broadly push the limbs around into place, then go in afterwards to smooth and resculpt the bends.

  • Get into the sel mask tool
  • Symmetry off
  • Lasso mode button over on the left
  • Select a bit you want to move
  • Tap in empty space to invert the mask
  • Bring up tool options, click blur a few times if you want a softer transition
  • Gizmo tool
  • Click the pivot mode on the left
  • Move the pivot to the right place, makes to do this from the front and the size to make sure its aligned
  • Click pivot mode off
  • Rotate/translate
  • Back to selmask
  • Drag a little circle in empty space to clear the mask, choose the next bit, repeat.

Little screencap of it. zbrush works in a very similar mode with its gizmo tool, you can repose things pretty quickly with a bit of practice.

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Unfortunately, all these methods work only if it is ONE mesh/object.
If you have multiple objects like the little astronaut it gets more complicated.

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ok thanks i will try with these, thanks a lot! :fist_right: :fist_left::raccoon: