Help: Why does Voxel remesh not work with a PLANE?

When I model a landscape from a PLANE and then edit it with VOXEL remesh, there is a mess…

Polygons can be flat, voxels need depth. Only works on planes with a topological build up on the entire mesh (essentially turning it into a box)

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Voxel remesher require the mesh to be watertight.
Maybe use the lounge category if you are not sure if it’s a bug or not.

Thanks for the answer.
I did not label my question as Bug Report, I labeled it Help. In the Bug Report category it says that you can ask for help.
I asked for help because the mesh is destroyed when you do voxel-remesh with a plane.
I did not see this question as a lounge topic.

So should asking for help generally be posted in the lounge as you write ?

Yes it’s lounge (or feature request if it’s an improvement request).
I edited the Bug report description.

Same with Blender or ZBrush.
Don’t assume something is broken if it doesn’t work as you imagine.

I only asked for an explanation in my original question for help, in the correct category before the text was changed: " Help: Why does Voxel remesh not work with a PLANE?"

I didn’t claim anything was broken, but, I wanted to know why it doesn’t work with a “Plane”.

I got the answer and I am a bit smarter again, thanks.

Ok, I’ll ask the next questions in the new category for help - in the lounge.

I have no experience with ZBrush, Blender or any other professional 3D software and I guess most Nomad Sculpt users have no experience with it, because Nomad Sculpt is an app for mobile devices after all.
Is experience with ZBrush or Blender assumed here in the forum when asking a question ?