Import gtlf problem with voxel remesh (holes)

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I don’t know if it’s a bug. when i import a gltf file from Oneshap and want to apply a remesh voxel then all the holes are plugged. I tried with the obj format it’s the same on the other hand if I import in high resolution stl it’s ugly but if I apply a voxel remesh the holes and the thickness are kept but the stl is really not convenient. So if anyone has any idea thanks?

Problem with the STL or the glTF?

Vertices not merged?

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with the gltf and the objs I may have found a lead. apparently the gltf and objs coming out of oneshape are exported in a multitude of parts instead of being welded into one and so I think nomad is having a hard time calculating this and so it seems to take the global area into account. outside of the object and fill all holes.

on the photo we can clearly see that the object is composed of separate pieces compared to the construction method.
the view in onshape

here I think that’s it

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Did you try the voxel remesher in Zbrush (dynamesh) or Blender (remesh)?

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ok so i just tried in zbrush it works fine with obj, i use gltf in blender it works too. But when I import into nomad, this is the number of objects it gives me when really there are only 3 objects

here is the result on blender

You can send the file to

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I just deepened my research and in the end in blender even if I just have 3 objects it looks like the parts are not welded. I’ll send you the file anyway, but don’t take your head on it. Thank you

If i use JOIN in blender it work

Great, your technique works. So here is @stephomi’s solution. If when you import an object it is separated into several parts you do a simple merge of all the desired parts, you save you quit and completely close nomad you reopen and TADAAAAAM the vertices are welded, it’s great. Thanks Steph.

Just exercise

I had same issue once. Good to have a workaround.
But it would be nice to have ”weld vertices” as a direct access able function, with slider for threshold, not as a backdoor solution, please.

It also solves an issue I got with lots of hair strands very close together and being welded after reopen.

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