Help clean edge after trim or stamp ... ect

I really have a hard time getting clean edges without stairs or artifacts. sometimes with smooth and pinch I manage to catch up but is really not clean. it really lacks a functio. to easily clean the edges and have something clean after cutting but especially also when I apply an alpha buffer the edges of the alpha are jagged even if the image is of very good quality I can’t do it. So yes I know that some master the hard surface with nomad but it is too approximate. But I do want some good techniques to help me. thank you in advance

  1. It’s a sculpting softwares so you should get realistic expectation.

  2. Did you turn off smooth shading?
    Trim will output a clean cut, just take a sphere and cut it and you’ll see (unless you have a very low poly mesh but that’s an edge case).

I activate smooth shading all the time because I don’t like working without it, I know it’s not a software like 3dsmax but I need to mix hard and smooth surface often (I love it) . actually going up very high in resolution I have about what I want.
is it planned to have the possibility of painting straight lines?
thank you

You can use crease with sub off, linear for fall off (can also costume to suit your style) , 30 lazy rope, and smooth or flatten, last move tools)

Intensity I play in 20%-30% for crease


Some dent

There will be slight bubbles so need smooth or flat.
And back to normal

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Actually that was incorrect, and it should be improved in Nomad Change Log - #22 by stephomi (still not perfect but should be better, mostly when far away from the surface).

Actually that dent I made up to show how to fix it. :sweat_smile:
Current trim is already powerful to give clear cut.
Dent happen with certain cases on how we using it not always though. :smile:

I use pinch to clean up trims. Very carefully it can give good results.
Cleanest result I get with using project whenever possible.

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