Basics.. creating more rounded edges for catching better lighting/realism

Hey all.
Glad to find and join this community.

Does anyone have any tips on how to add more rounded corners to geometry that I create (hard surface modeling on Nomad) to give it a better realism?

Catch the light better.

I’m blender etc we have a technique for beveling. I tried using smoothing brush on hard corners but as it’s more of a sculpting software the result was obviously more sketchy and organic looking.

I’ve seen a great Russian artist called RaZuM (YouTube and Boosty) create some amazing models like the terminator, RoboCop, with beautiful softer edges.

Did anyone know how to go about this in nomad or can offer a workflow idea?

Many thanks.

This video shows how to make an adjusted “round all” brush:

Something like that?


Smooth tool
Flat falloff
Grab dynamic radius
Connected topology off