Nomad Change Log


ios: move language option in iOS settings page
ios: input accepts computation string (+ - * /) and can use “x” as the current value
android: input accepts minus sign

tool: add lathe tool
tool: add tube tool
tool: add insert tool

shape: improve polygon shape to mix smooth and hard edges

paint: fix erase option when using with layers
paint: add an option to prevent painting on layer area that haven’t been painted yet
paint: main intensity slider is taken into account for non-accumulated mode

render: fixing/improving curvature postprocess
layer: fix pencil pressure
primitive: fix crash when displaying wireframe with a mirrored primitive in the scene
gizmo: fix crash when using non-uniform scale with object-mode
matrix: fix rare when using gizmo or transform tool
sculpt: fix rare crash when picking a face without no vertex inside the selection radius
name: fix crash when using non supported characters (emoji) in file/name



performance: fix Drag and Move performance

primitive: add hole option for tube and lathe
primitive: add editable path in 3d for tube and lathe
primitive: fix cloned tube/lathe disappearing when editing their properties
primitive: reuse the config of the current selected primitive (insert, tube, lathe)

interface: infinite slider (detail resolution, primitive, etc)
interface: drag your finger on the eyes icon to quickly hide multiple mesh in a single gesture

tube: add closed curve option

voxel: the voxel remesher can compute lower resolution for multires

transform: fix bug with clone and transform tool (squashed history)

render: png export now supports partial mesh transparency (for compositing, etc)

background: support alpha
background: fix distortion on rotation
background: replace scale/translate/rotate sliders with interactive transform

symmetry: fix few issues with icon being disabled (insert, clone, etc)
symmetry: flip checkbox is removed and instead adding 2 mirror buttons (left to right / right to left)
symmetry: add flip option



voxel: fix voxel multires generation when layers are present



tube: fix uniform quad density when there is only 2 points
tube: improve quad density (on turn, caphole, etc)
tube: fix “snap every point” option

file: avoid saving if an error occurs and displays an error banner when it happens
file: STL and OBJ export now exports mirrored primitives as well
file: reconstruct multires when loading a file (only if the highest level is less than 400k vertices)

voxel: fix voxel subtract mode quality
symmetry: line display is now correctly displayed
layer: correction of layer offset when applying a transform on the mesh (voxel, bake, etc)
merge: fix color being broken when simple merging meshes
color: allow hex color input



eyedropper: material picker now works with primitive object

tube: improve curve fitting algorithm (curve to path)

file: fix opacity not being correctly loaded
file: fix glb loading when it detects non sculptable transform (old models)

flip: symmetry flip option now retains mesh name

clone: fix primitive cloning



ios: fix rendering bug on iPad Air 4 (and iPhone max)
android: fix crash when importing big file

smooth: intensity multiplier for faster smooth
smooth: expose drag stroke type

material: add additive transparency
resources: add minimal folder support (alphas/backgrounds/matcaps/hdris/projects)

file: improve support for big file (>~2GB uncompressed)
alpha: add mid point value option to allow negative and positive sculpting at the same time
primitive: fix project on sphere option
autosave: prevent crash when autosave occurs during sculpting/painting
color : fix color manual input validation (interface menu)
trim: cut is more precise (especially if cut was done far away from the surface)
views: camera views retain image background config
multires: fix crash when switching multires level if the layer was created on a lower resolution



matcap: fix “use global matcap” option
tube: control radius for each control point
gizmo: fix pivot being ignored when the symmetry is enabled
transform: fix pivot being ignored when the symmetry is enabled
mirror: primitive mirroring fixed when non-uniform scaling is used
opacity: ignore opacity value when mesh is opaque



android: reduce camera speed

material: add refraction (opacity)
material: increase maximum additive value (useful with bloom+tonemapping for glow effect)
material: add dithered shadow for transparency meshes
render: add point light (no shadow casting at the moment though)

postprocess: tweak bloom effect (red/green/blue channels now emit same amount of bloom)
postprocess: color grading curve option

interface: integer slider supports infinite/elastic range (useful for primitive low division count)
interface: integer slider supports damping (more control when far away from slider)
interface: add perspective toggle shortcut
interface: tool icons can now be sorted directly (long press & drag n drop)
interface: fix hex color picker input
interface: fix missing color picker knob

file: export image now supports custom size
file: fix rare crash on loading (multiresolution mesh only, with quads subdivided from triangles)
file: can export and import gltf lights (loophole: you can import more than 3)

tube: take the closest control point when a thickness control point is closed to a main control point
tube: fix precision issue with thin curve (avoid shrinking tube)
primitive: remove automatic focus when adding a primitive

stroke: selMask fix “front-facing vertex only” option
stroke: fix alpha preset

gizmo: change the way interaction is done with the rotation arcs
camera: normalize pan/zoom speed (perspective + portrait mode was too fast)
symmetry: better symmetry support with gizmo and transform (automatic pivot)



render: fix reference background disappearing in some cases (refraction + background env)
render: two sided option was sometimes ignored with refraction material
render: render png export has now antialiased alpha
render: fix render png export portrait mode not being consistent

interface: toolbox drag n drop was too sensitive (distance threshold is increased)

file: fix corrupted glb export (sometimes happening when a light was not visible)
file: fix STL export not working with dynamic topology meshes



ios: support drag n drop for scene files (obj, gltf, stl)

primitive: interactive widgets directly in the viewport
primitive: snap to surface option for the tube (with offset to surface parameter)
primitive: mirrored geometry culled correctly (no more disappearing if the source is not visible)

render: free unused matcap and alpha (less memory usage)
render: temporal antialiasing to reduce flickering a bit

tube: improve curve fitting when freehand drawing is used
torus: fix constant density topology
torus: add hole option

mirroring: fix “left to right” and “right to left” logic
mirroring: ignore masking when the topology is not symmetric
tool: when saving a tool, the alpha is now embedded in the presets (easier sharing)
background: fix color background being ignored when a reference image is used



tool: fix move tool radius
solo: fix bug (selection of hidden object in the viewport)
resource: fix background/environment add button being swapped

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android: fix graphical issues with some android devices

topology: add decimation feature
topology: small tweak to voxel remeshing to avoid very small quads (spiky smooth, etc)
mirror: fix “left to right” again…

transform: keep consistent face winding order when using negative scale
material: add flip culling option

mask: fix extract issues (unwanted faces appearing with objects that have borders)
mask: update extraction logic to only extract faces that have all of its vertices masked

insert: fix crash on insert primitive
trim: fix crash with line trimming
gizmo: allow plane translate when two sided is off
light: fix slow light editing (spot angle, etc)
paint: clamp final computed intensity to 100% if infinite intensity is used
camera: picking the snap cube will ignore the camera speed



postprocess: fix curvature effect
render: fix frame accumulation producing banding artefacts

symmetry: add radial x, y, z
symmetry: combine x, y, z mirroring

project: fix crash when loading very small glb.lz4 files (less than 100 polygon)
project: fix very rare bug when loading glb.lz4 files

file: make sure to remove every coplanar quad when loading a file
primitive: improve a bit widgets to avoid perpendicular-infinity interaction
tube: fix duplicated edges on one end point
tube: small ux improvements
hole: add detail slider for hole filling algorithm (same for trim)
paint: add texture projection (colored alpha)
interface: fix cropped panel popup issue



insert: fix clone feature not retaining painting when validating the object

trim: fix issue with symmetry + line mode, and also possible crash in some case
split: fix crash in some case

snapcube: long press to lock view (pan still allowed)

decimation: improve algorithm (less stretchy triangles, especially with planar surfaces)
primitive: fix mirroring (non uniform scale with constant density disabled)
render: fix color banding caused by frame accumulation or render export (no background)

symmetry: fix issues with connected topology option
alpha: the preview now takes into account tiling, scaling and x/y repeat/mirroring
multires: fix possible crash when reversing, deleting higher and re-subdividing
insert: keep orientation and fix center positioning
palm: size rejection threshold is now saved (UI is not affected by this option)



stats: click on stats summary to switch between “show all” and “show selection”

trim: fix line cut when symmetry is used

insert: fix initial position when adding primitive (similar to clone mode)
insert: use gizmo as anchor transform to align with surface normal (if cloned object has custom gizmo)

transform: use custom pivot for rotation/scale (the one from the gizmo)
transform: custom gizmo pivot automatically updated when using transform tool
gizmo: add scale 2-dimension handlers

dyntopo: fix tools that rely on normals (inflate, brush and layer)
dyntopo: fix density value when constant mode is used and the mesh has scaling

snap cube: allow zooming when locking view (long press)
decimation: accept ratio as decimation parameter instead of triangle count
files: fix mirrored primitives disappearing after obj/stl export
pressure: respect stroke smoothing parameter
export: fix render export with alpha transparency (png should not be alpha-premultiplied)



measure: fix display value
refraction: fix index of refraction to work correctly depending on the scene scale
render: crop the render instead of rendering outside the screen edges
symmetry: only displays the active symmetry (when display plane is enabled)

insert: keep objects painting when using insert cloning (and saving the file)
gizmo: add back scale widgets when multiple objects are selected
gizmo: add more space between 2 axis scale and 1 axis scale
gizmo: fix manual input sometimes being ignored (matrix input)

decimation: keep quad topology on masked area
gltf: read and write cameras

interface: fix slider behavior (stuck at minimum value with infinite topological slider)
interface: fix intensity slider behavior to be faster around zero
interface: fix manual input on infinite slider



interface: fix button being wrongly selected when scrolling on left panel (e.g: insert, trim)
smudge: fix behavior when symmetry is activated
misc: fix crash when opening paint menu after adding primitive



ios: allow more memory usage for M1 iPad Pro
ios: improve drag n drop support (object file only)

primitive: fix radius icon for cylinder and tube being disabled (if lathe tool was used)
mask: fix accumulate behaviour when it is disabled
insert: allow sculpting on cloned object (if the base object is not a primitive)
project: add “Export selection only” to internal “Save as”
light: modal popup for editing parameters
layer: add extract feature
tube: fix radius being clamped (slider only)



background: fix reference image color issue



uv: improve experimental support (enable in Debug menu, unwrapper in Topology … menu)
clay: add flatten offset parameter

layer: fix extract feature (keep transform)
eyedrop: fix color issue with background
render: fix render bug when adding a point light (jaggy shadows, etc)
heightmap: improve quality of heightmap debug feature (banding)
gesture: add three finger vertial drag to edit radius
split: add front vertex option (fix mask behavior as well)
gizmo: fix rotation on primitive with non uniform scale

voxel: add sharp edges option
voxel: remesher is now using less memory and is a bit faster

primitive: fix cylinder radius handler not being positioned correctly
primitive: no transparency for mirrored mesh when using the View tool

render: use cubemap for environment instead of octahedral (less artefact on sharp background)
render: improve refraction support when depth of field is enabled

file: support multiple file loading when importing from Nomad
file: fix random crashes when importing image files
file: keep objects separate instead of merging them when loading/saving obj files