Hard Surface Nomad

Hello. Just an idea to play with: same engine, same menu, same idea, but only for hard surface, with specific tools only for this kind of work. Completely separate app we could export to from Nomad and vice versa, so mobile devices could handle them better than one big chunk of ram-consuming software.

Is it possible in a distant future? I’ll pay gladly for it. Even in advance (crowdfunding or something?)

Is there a reason it would have to be a separate app? I imagine maintenance would be easier if it was all just part of the same code base.

Mobile devices operating system, computing power (RAM), data input/operating. You could try to make something like Blender for mobile devices, but i think there is a reason why no one is making such things. I presume it will be easier and more healthy for the device and user to make something like a brother-app that could run smooth and fast, than a combined Captain Planet that will crash or freeze after a couple of simple tasks, and the workflow will be close to zero with all the option folders upon the option folders within other option folders.

A second app won’t happen.

What takes RAM is the number of polygons, not code size.

It’s hard.

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