Future Voice Command Enabled

Usually when I think about crazy ideas I start off by saying in the clouds and rainbows and unicorn, with that being said this is what I think would take this app into the technologically realms of additional possibilities.

Although the process of clicking here and there to get to tools and configuration changes on tools is part of the experience and its awesome, it would be nice to have a voice command option to call out quick tool changes.

Example: nomad, start new scene, add square, (tell nomad what tool you need) trim, clay, etc.,
Send command for execution: select all, merge, voxel, etc.

This would allow this revolutionary modern day mobile sculpting tool to become even more immersive.

Wishful Thinking?

The idea is cool and revolutionary but I guess the response will too slow, the assistance must understand the command and execute, and due the multiple devices, Siri, OKGoogle will be complex of implementation. All is possible yes and the future is here.

This is already possible with Voice Control - BUT:
I am surprised that Voice Control does not allow own commands within the apps !
I have asked the developers for Procreate before if voice commands are planned - unfortunately not.
I don’t understand their attitude unfortunately.
Voice commands for keyboard shortcuts would be absolutely fantastic.
Or voice commands like: Copy this / Paste here or reduce brush Radius, select all…

I don’t understand why this is not possible yet, because
the voice control works.

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