Functionality over advertisements?

Did you thought about it?

What does that mean?

Google adds. I dont know if apple has something similar.

No ads please.
Keep this app clean.
It s the right price for everyone to be able to afford it.

Im not talking about full version. I was talking about demo.

Apple doesn’t have it but, if someone is offering a free version or trial, they need to make money somehow. Their time isn’t free especially with a program this nice and well maintained.

It’s Google AdMob for both Android/Apple.
There is no trial for Nomad on iOS, it’s a premium.

Nomad wasn’t meant to be a freemium, there is a trial for Android because… of the whole Android ecosystem/culture. There’s almost 0 successful paid graphics & design apps (except Ibis Paint… which also has a free version Ibis Paint X).

You need people to see a TON of ads to get interesting incomes, on top of having TON of people downloading your apps. 3d mobile sculpting is not a good candidate for that.
I don’t like mobile ads, I don’t want to integrate ads and the export/undo limited is straightforward to maintain.