Frozen II Bruni study WIP


I started a study of Frozen II’s Bruni character to practice more stylized cartoon characters (which is my ultimate goal for sculpting). I will post updates as I make progress. :crossed_fingers:

Any tips and feedback are welcome!

In particular, I would love to know how other folks retain smooth details after voxel remeshing. I get a bunch of jagged triangles that don’t always smooth out even after subdivision. I could take it to ZBrush and then ZRemesh, but would love to keep it native to Nomad for as long as possible. Thanks in advance!

Overall, I am completely blown away by Nomad and think it’s going to be a great and solid starting point for sculpts.



Are you talking about quads that are indeed harder to smooth because they are much smaller?

It’s not the best solution but you can use dynamic topology to reduce locally the density.

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Yeah, I think that’s it. They look like artifacts even after I subdivide, and even with strong smoothly, they look rough. Normally, I would ZRemesh to get rid of this kind of problem and re-add details (or reproject).

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