Forum category request

I was chatting to @knacki the other day and it got me thinking.

Though i appreciate the main purpose of this forum is an aid to the development of nomad. Would it be possible to add to new categories to this form?

Say a resources category where people could share free or paid content without it spamming everyone.

And second a tutorial / help category where people can post tutorial videos or guides or even request help with modelling issues etc.

Just a thought
Best to all


I was literally just coming in here to say the same thing!

I think a community tutorials and tips section would be great. I only just learned from another poster’s in passing mention that UVs can kinda be controlled using multires and the vertex paint? For real?? I would ask to elaborate but it’s an old post.

Seconding a req for a section where the community can share little tips and guides for these sort of nomad “lifehacks.”

Added a new category