Feature request vote?

Hi, I just browsed the “Feature Request” section of the forum. I don’t know how much Stéphane cares about this, but given the fact, that there is a laundry list of requested features - how about this:

IF Stéphane considers adding new features how about he pins a list of proposals at the top of this section and then lets users decide about the priority? So he can decide on a broad basis what’s doable, reasonable and fits into Nomad’s philosophy (and his roadmap of course) and users can decide which of the features they want the most. Win win?

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On paper it’s a nice idea bud, after being on this forum for awhile there’s probably not enough activity to support this though - it would most probably fall down to a small handful of people adding their input, without the actual majority of users (thousands+) having their input, because simply they won’t know it exists, or just won’t bother - or don’t use Nomad enough to care about the deeper semantics of its development. Then there’s trying to get all these people to co-ordinate their response and input - without it descending into chaos lol. Last time Stephane asked for feedback, bit disappointed myself to see only 4-5 people bothered despite the numerous post views. Majority of Nomad’s users probably don’t visit the Forum at all (I know this from activity within the Facebook Group - there’s more international users than domestic - also a language barrier in some areas). For a distance reach into Nomad’s future a poll or something would be good, for now I trust Stephane’s intuition, he’s made his product undeniably good by his own judgement alone, I’m happy to sit back & see where he takes it. Nice input though dude, people who care about the Nomad product are the ones that additionally help the brand grow. Just my opinion of course :blush:

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On the subject Community collection of tiny but badly missed features - #12 by stephomi

More than enough when everyone agrees on the subject.
The goal of these feedbacks is to make sure I’m not missing something obvious UX wise that would frustrate almost everyone.

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That’s good to know man, I just thought more people would chime in for the chance to give feedback in general, makes sense though if it’s a smaller response but mutual agreement.