For personal use, is it possible that displaying other language on UI and Tips?

There are video game fan who is doesn’t speak English is importing unofficial translation file to video game which using English. I would like to do something like that. my native language is Japanese. I’m working in Japan. I don’t use English in my daily life. although I know some English words for understanding how to use Nomad Sculpt, my brain need times to translate English to Japanese. if I don’t use this app for a while, I can’t remember the meaning of UI and Tips.

so I would like to displaying Japanese language on Nomad Sculpt working in my iPad. is there any way ?

You can see more here GitHub - stephomi/nomad-translation: Nomad Sculpt translation file




2:このtemplate.rsをダウンロード→””の中に日本語訳を入れる→日本語訳をいれたtemplate.rsをiPadのどこかに保存する→Nomad SculptのUIが自分のiPad上でだけ日本語で表示される、という理解で大丈夫ですか?というか、そういうことが可能なんですかね?


It’s the raw button nomad-translation/ at main · stephomi/nomad-translation · GitHub

Note that I’m planning on using a translation service, and Japanese will be among the targeted langage.

the raw button?
I’m not fluent in English, so I don’t know if you mean GUI(graphical user interface) or RAW data or otherwise.

In other words, it’s impossible for an individual to prepare and use unofficial translation file, right? and Nomad Sculpt developer haven’t decided when they commission professional translator, right? I wish UI is translated in the future.

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I am the developer, it’s not yet decided but it’s something I’m looking it.