Table of content Japanese translation

I translated Table of content page into Japanese.

I’m not a professional translator or 3DCG creator.
there must be miscalculations. however I think this picture help Japanese people with understanding basic functions.

…when there are already Japanese translation in Forum or other page on, excuse me.

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Great, thanks!

I’d like to offer different langage for Nomad but for now I simply don’t have enough time. Hopefully in the future.

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I might translate other page of manual and upload pictures like that in this topic.

But there are very difficult words in manual.
words I can’t say in my native language. and I don’t have enough knowledge for digital sculpt. I can translate very very basic functions in manual page.

I hope other translator come to forum or contact Nomad sculpt.

Table of Tools

I couldn’t decide which japanese word to use. so I wrote another Japanese translation in ( ).



Thanks for the translation!

I would like the help comments that pop up on each tool to be translated. I’ve requested this before, but it’s not even on the wiki.

The issue is not really the translation in itself, I can just contact a translation service or something.

The issue is more technical, at the moment I can’t easily add another language in Nomad (I need to isolate every string in a single file and then be able to display foreign character).
It’s simply an UI limitation, but eventually I’d like to improve that in the future.

For the web manual I consider it’s less of an issue because you can use Google translate, which does a decent job (I suppose).

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I use a translation service to convert from Japanese to English, but this DeepL is the best one. You can read anything you want as long as you can copy pace it.
So please put the text of the pop-ups and other hints in the UI on the wiki as text.

Although I don’t know about developing application at all, It sounds like a hassle😰
I hope Nomad sculpt developer team has enough time to translate into Japanese or other language.