Nomad Sculpt Localisation

Hey all!

I’ve been working on localisation, and it’s already possible to translate the app.

See GitHub - stephomi/nomad-translation: Nomad Sculpt translation file
For now only the web version is up to date (need chrome, ~16mb, desktop only).

The translation file is much bigger than what I anticipated (~1k text entries at the moment, SculptGL was only ~200).

I haven’t look at professional localisation services yet.
I’m a bit concerned at the maintenance side of thing, mostly on the release process.
I don’t really want it to be a burden, or having people annoyed that 95% of the app is translated but not the remaining 5%, etc.
So I’m still unsure if I want to “officially” support other language.

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Nomad sculpt is already the best sculpting app
And I can only see it getting better and better
And your efforts is so really appreciated.

But in my opinion the localization is not necessary
Especially if it’s got it’s cons
English is my second language
But it’s the language that I’m used to in all softwares
Plus the software terms most likely technical terms
Translating them in our languages will probably result unfamiliar terms
But it’s up to you man.

I can say something about translating values. The whole world uses English, both professional and amateur. in 3d they use English. Translating into other languages ​​(I can say about Russian or Ukrainian, for example) is purely useless, and schoolchildren and not entirely smart people who will not even use your application write and ask for it. They don’t really care. They write and demand about this more than anyone else.

But the hints implemented in the blender translated into languages ​​understandable to all are cool things, I admit. In a Zbrush, such a thing would also not hurt.

It might true for some Android reviews, but on iOS it’s a paid app so it’s not like there’s no care given.

One key point is that Nomad aim to target a wider audience, because of the platform and also the relatively low price.

Zbrush do have other languages as well Custom Language | ZBrush Docs.

The main language that I had in mind was Chinese.
For example just by looking at my 1-star reviews on iOS: 5 out of 7 are from china, and the 5 mentioned the lack of translation.

I know some people were interested in translating the app in Chinese, so we’ll see!

Once again I don’t want it to be an extra cost so I don’t plan on spending time on it.
For example I’m French but I was too lazy to translate it.

Great work! Thank you for the language pack. I will start help you for translating the Chinese version.