Figuring out a workflow

I’ve been tinkering with Nomad for a while now, but I’m finally starting to sort out a workflow for myself to do various things. I’m going to be making throw away sculpts every few days for practice.

Today, I’ve been sculpting this demon head. I used dynamic topology and found myself remeshing a lot to clean up geometry. It’s a great feature, but it creates so many ugly tri’s.

Not sure what I’ll make tomorrow, but this has been fun.


If you’re just doing 3D illustration and the model doesn’t need to end up in any other pipelines, I personally wouldn’t bother remeshing to organise topology unless its really really skewed. You’ll exhaust time going over detail again. The polygon faces whether triangles or quads won’t affect model’s aesthetics when finalised. Again, if it’s just for illustrative purposes.

That’s a fair point. Maybe I’m exaggerating how often I used it versus simply toggling relax on the smooth brush. I think it preserves edges a bit better than relax does, but relax is far better in most any other situation.

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