New to sculpting, would love some advice/tips/critique

Hey folks! I’ve picked up Nomad this week and am trying to learn sculpting. This is my second attempt at sculpting a head (the first one was unsalvageable :smiley:), took me two days of which half the time I’ve spent trying to make the eyes look less scary. Is there any major mistakes or anything I should fix? At this point I’ve been staring at it for so long, I can’t tell anymore.

Spent some more time on it, looks a bit better I think :slight_smile:

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I think it looks really good, especially if you only started using nomad recently. The nose, mouth, cheeks and forehead are great. Perhaps have another look at the ear. You could practice doing an ear on its own, and then Boolean or voxel merge it with the head once you’re happy with it.
With eyes, sometimes I create eyelids using the tube tool; it makes them easier to move into position, and they have good flowing topology; then you can Boolean them or voxel merge with the head.
Overall just keep doing what you’re doing, it’s good!

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Hey, thank you for the feedback!

Using the tube tool for eyelids sounds interesting, i’ll definitely try that next time.

Yeah, you’re right about the ear, I’ll need to work on some more it for sure. Thanks again!