Faking Subsurface scattering in Nomad sculpt

Subsurface scattering using two mesh… The first one is below the main mesh with a properties-
opacity =100, metalness =100 and roughness ~50…
and the second mesh that’s over the first mesh with properties-
opacity <100, metalness =0 and roughness ~50

Here’s a video with subsurface scattering of the same model…

And here’s another video with out Subsurface scattering of the same model…

This method can have some artefacts at the edges which can be resolved by screen space refraction which may be available in the future versions of Nomad sculpt… For now this is what you can get…

Trying to bring this to next level. Looks promising. Explanation later.


Hello !!!
Im so sorry to disturbing you !

I’m very very interested !!! How we can do this type of transparency for skin ??0.0 !!

Sorry, just short in time.

Take your sculpt with opaque material.
Fill it with skin color
Duplicate your model
Use black with roughness and metal ness on full and fill you duplicate with it
Change material to additive - your duplicate should be invisible now.
Add a layer and paint SSS fake on it.
Use post processing / Bloom and adjust to your likeness.

This way you can add sss fake effect only where you want.

Just one version. Play around with options and have fun.

Unfortunately it is not working correct corresponding to light. I am searching for a solution. Flipping normals was not satisfying.