Eyeballs too far apart

Eyeballs created from several scene-objects look great but they’re too far apart. I selected everything, messed around with the gizmo options and couldn’t find a way to move them horizontally AND keep them symmetrically mirrored. Help?

Also, is there a way to group the scene-objects into a folder so I won’t have to select all objects every time?

You could split the eyeballs to two seperate pieces and erase one. Then you can place the leftover in the right position and use the mirror function.

You should be able to use the Sumetry button/option to do this. When enabled it should place your gizmo tool on one side. Changes to one side are also reflected on the other. Just make sure you have the right plane enabled.

That being said, if you’ve moved your objects out of symmetry from the selected plane(s) you may have a hard time and movements wont show as symmetrical. You make have to move them back or use the local symmetry option.

Another method is deleting one, moving the other and using the Mirror tool. Mirror the one side and it will place a second (mirrored) object on the other side.