Editable primitives fonctions are momentary blocked when gizmo is active

Hello, when you use gizmo on primitive tube or other primitives and the arrow is right on top of tube, it’s always create another point instead of moving object according to the arrow of gizmo. It could be cool if when the gizmo is activated, them the editable fonctions of primitive object are blocked during gizmo use.

I find the same thing happens to me, I just use the edit pivot and rotate the gizmo 90 degrees, that gets it out of the way

oOH awesome, Stephomi just resolve it in a better way for the next release, try the 1.74 beta


if yoi are in v1.73 or lower – you can tap the “Edit” in the tube panell to make it un-editable, the after you move that object you can tap it again to edit


its still a nice update because you even have to think of it just by prioritize the gizmo momentarily and you make less clics to comeback to primitive edition.