Drawing a thread

Is there any way I can draw such thread as the one attached to the balloons?
Also how can I align it to the balloo
baloons .zip (676.6 KB)

But for aligning? Is it possible? Two objects

Yes I know.
I manged to create threads using tube, but trying to align two threads prroved to be impossible task

In that case, forgive me for misunderstanding your question… :pray:

And I’m no expert in such thing…

Posting an image probably would’ve helped for those not prone to click on ZIP files.

Nevertheless, my process of creating a string/thread that looks like kitchen twine would probably go in this manner…

In this zoomed-in closeup, make a stubby blob and sculpt it so that it’s vertically swirled.

Clone and rotate the 2nd copy along the vertical axis so that the two effectively form a helix spiral. I used this opportunity to make sure the alignment of the TOP ENDS are exactly 90º out of alignment with the BOTTOM ENDS. Although reflecting on the final result, it’s permissible for the ends merging into the combined center axis.

Only after both are selected, ensure the GREEN arrow of the Gizmo tool points in the direction of desired thread travel. Adjust the Gizmo Pivot if corrections are needed.

Add a Curve Repeater based on the two selected items.

White dots indicate the ends of the curve. Slide the Count number to increase the segments within the curve until the ends have blended into the overlap.

Tapping and dragging anywhere in the curve line creates a new node. This works best when the curve DOES NOT bend too tightly. I tend to leave my Curve Repeaters unvalidated so that changes/adjustments can be made. For making tight knots with the twine, it’ll probably warrant the Validate bake and sculpting away any ugliness.

After playing around with Curve Repeaters, it exemplifies the case where I wish there was some sort of “soft cage deformation” option that accompanied the tool.

Just out of curiosity, why don’t you use the angle offset for the twisted tube?

or use rope profile for the tube ? Profile can be made for 2/3/4 etc strands…

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Likely because I was aiming for a more “organic” randomized look to the fibers in the thread. A helical twist look where each strand can be contiguously followed had too much of a machine-manufactured feel for my taste.