Alignment points when in tube tool

Any workaround to align vertically or horizontally all the points of the tube? Imagine you are creating a pipeline that on front view follow and arch but on the side must be aligned vertically. Sometimes the points left meshed and is complex to align vertically. Any idea or improve is on the way? The same will be great for the curve.

Only way is to add planes in your scene and use the “snap” feature.
Otherwise you need to create the tube from scratch with an axis aligned camera view.

I know these workarounds can be a bit annoying.

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Ok, I will try.
Any solution on the roadmap?
One idea will be to add the X,Y and Z icons and when click all the points are aligned on the click axis, then you can move to the position with the gizmo.

Thinking again with this, other solution could be block an axis tap on the desire axis and then the ponts only scroll on this axis. :thinking: