Constraining Tube Control Point Movement

Is there some way to constrain moving the control points of a tube to one axis?

For instance, I have a tube snapped to a surface and, want to move the control point directly away from the surface (e.g., on the Z axis, with the normal). If I snap to a front orthographic view and, move the control point, it does move on the Z axis but, may also move on the X and Y axis in ways I am not expecting.

I tried putting another surface facing the surface with the snapped tube, thinking that it would snap to the opposing surface when moved orthographically in one axis. However, it does not.

I am pretty new to Nomad Sculpt and, 3D modeling in general. I am probably missing or misunderstanding something. I can make it work by fiddling stuff around. I found that switching a point temporarily to angular (black dot) makes it less likely to move on the undesired axes. Any suggestions?

In your video you still have snap turned on. Turn it off and your point will move parallel to screen :+1:t3:

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Very odd. Even with snap off and no upper box, I was having the points jump significantly in the X and Y when pulling them in the Z direction in ortho view (what I was trying to describe in the second paragraph). Now, however, it seems to work exactly as you describe and, as I would expect. Iā€™m not sure what changed. Maybe I just thought snap was off. Thanks!

I think snap comes on by default when you make a new tube.

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This video should help.

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Wow! That is amazing. Perfect. Thank you so much!