Displacement patterns

hi, whatever i do with the settings (the stroke spacing), i can’t have a good displacement patterns with a texture Alpha for clothes. am i missing something ?

Do you have a video of what you are trying to achieve?

i was looking for Alpha on Gumroad where i got free example who work perfectly in Nomad, so i push a little bit and found : https://gumroad.com/discover?query=alpha%20zbrush#XuEhS you can see what i tried to do on the page… but i don’t know how it work with your App

this is this one : ULTIMATE PACK - 255 Tileable Displacement/Alpha Patterns (Part 1 + Part 2)

Well there is a lot going on in these videos, so obviously you won’t be able to do all of that in Nomad.

For tillable alpha it’s probably missing some settings but something that could help for patterns:

  • make sure to have enough polygons (subdivide)
  • use Brush, Inflate or Clay tool
  • stroke spacing 100%
  • falloff set as « one »
  • alpha scale set as minimum value

Maybe in the future I’ll develop a special tool for tillable alpha but nothing planned at the moment.

sorry, i should have made my own video first. i can’t upload any because i’m a new use, so here some photo :

it kind of work with a simple line, but don’t follow me when i do a circle. i’m looking forward to these kind of settings in the future. And congratulation with your app, it’s excellent !