Digital | traditional modeling

Hey guys, I don’t know if anyones familiar with this channel on YouTube . I first saw it when I was looking for sculpting tuts.

The John marathon character from rdr2 was the first one I watched, but all of them are incredible, and a joy to watch… so gifted this individual artist…

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Just finished watching it. Great sculpting, but 300 hours seems a bit excessive. At 8 hours a day, that’s 37 and a half days to finish it. I’ll stick to digital…lol. Though I don’t do likenesses at all, I’m certain Nomad can get it done far quicker.

Could be a fun exercise though. Not sure who else would make a good Joker.

Amazing, used to love playing with clay, I remember having to let it cool down, after a while it just got so soft it would just stick to your fingers, plastercine I think it was not really clay, but wow, incredible.

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