Crashing on save new project

Bug reports nomad 1.65. New project Ram used 555mb with 1175mb free. Scene vertices 1.33m. There are 4 layers listed. I tried restarting iPad incase it was my issue. I am new to nomad and read through this forum for help but have not found my error yet.

Note that on runtime many layers are compressed (and by default an empty layer will almost take 0 memory), but during saving it gets decompressed and you can have a huge memory spike.

Nothing I can do (the next release could use a bit less memory in this scenario but no guarantee you will be able to save).

Try merging your Layers and if need be Decimate the model to lighten it’s load - try saving then. Your dog model will look the same with only a fraction of the verts/faces in use. Layers will bog down memory, hence why only 4 puts its indicator in the red with a high poly model - and with only a gig and half to use, there’s not a lot of oomph in the tank unfortunately.