Crash when saving after painting on a layer

My title is bad, but I don’t really know how else to describe this.

On my current project, I add a layer to the head mesh, crease some vertices, then paint some more and save, and it crashes on save every time. It does not crash if I do the pinching and painting without a layer.

Video (kinda NSFW): Dropbox - layerpaintcrash.MP4 - Simplify your life

Sorry it’s so long. I just knew I could reproduce with these steps. I was assuming a RAM issue like most of my crashes, but I’ve got over 700mb free when I hit save, and it doesn’t crash without that layer added.

If you need a model let me know.

/edit: yeah, the layer only has to exist: Dropbox - Video Apr 17, 2 38 14 PM.mp4 - Simplify your life

See the last point in Nomad Change Log - #22 by stephomi

Yeah, I saw that and wasn’t sure if it applied since I wasn’t switching resolutions. Does saving switch multires automatically?

Yep it does, because only the highest resolution is saved.

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Roger that. Thanks!