Crash on File Save

Nomad 1.62 crashes when saving a Voxel remeshed mesh.

Steps to Replicate

  1. Create a new file
  2. Remesh the sphere using the Voxel Remesh button (bottom left panel)
  3. Attempt to Save the file

Expected Behavior

  • The Nomad scene is saved successfully.

Actual Behavior

  • Nomad crashes unexpectedly.

System Specs

  • M1 iPad Pro 12.9
  • IOS 15.0.2

The current workaround I have found is to go to the Remesh menu at the top, select Voxel and then click on the Remesh button. If you use the Remesh button, Nomad won’t crash when attempting to save afterwards.

Yep, can also confirm. Able to reproduce the bug. Stephane will confirm this and undoubtedly fix it quickly.

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I follow the steps and I save the file fine.

1.62 with iOS15.01 and iPad pro 2020

Fixed on the next release.
Thanks for the detailed report!