Copy the transformation matrix from one object to another

already, thank you! I don’t see the time passing on the train.

I am a beginner in nomadsculpt and in sculpture in general but I am happy with this little creation.

I encountered difficulties when I wanted to add an object to a set of already transformed objects.
it’s easy to add objects when the modeling is in the center of the world.
but this becomes difficult when the modeling is transformed.

For example, I modeled the speakers in the center of the world. Then I moved, rotated and scaled them. I then wanted to add screws, I modeled them in the center of the world and had to copy/paste each transform value to get the screw to align the speaker correctly.

I also considered resetting the speaker transforms, adding the screws, then replacing everything again. but there were things like the cables that were already aligned to the speakers.
they probably should have been adjusted again. In my case the modeling is simple but it does not seem to me to be the right method.

I also tried adding the screws by enabling the “on gizmo” option when adding objects. But even though this is a simple example (a Boolean operation between a sphere and a rectangle to create the screw head), it is handy to keep the camera views aligned (left, right, top , face, … ). and therefore to remain aligned without any transformation.

It seems to me that the simplest thing would be to be able to copy the transformation from one object to another but I haven’t yet figured out how to do it. Is there a solution ?

Is there a particular way to model different objects with different transformations?
Thank you, jmv.