Constant crashes

Hello, Nomad sculpt always crashes upon launching on my Android 13 device,I have done everything to make it work, even clearing cache and clearing up the memory,it stills crashes I downloaded older version but the problem is still the same, please assist.

When you tried other versions, did you keep the app data?

No,the moment it doesn’t work I delete everything including the file,I tried to find out if there was a version for ARM7 devices,I downloaded it and yet it still didn’t work,so actually is there really a version for 32bit devices?

Here are the questions to consider:

  • Is your device have enough RAM and how big is the RAM?
  • Is the processor already powerful enough and what kind of processor does your device?

If your device does not have enough RAM and/or the processor is not powerful, then you should consider getting a new phone or tablet that is powerful enough. Since your device still uses 32-bit architecture, I recommend you to upgrade your device to 64-bit architecture because 32-bit can only handle maximum RAM of 4 Gigabyte while 64-bit can handle up to 18 Exabytes of RAM and even the phone with the biggest RAM today on the market is 24 Gigabyte.

Here is the 32-bit version of the app: Download Nomad Sculpt latest 1.84 Android APK

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Thank you very much, actually it’s a 2gb ram device and it runs on a MediaTekMT6580 with a processing speed of 1.30GHZ.i even tried 32bit version of older apps and it still didn’t work, despite having the lastest android version 13,then I guess this hardware won’t support this application ever.I appreciate the recommendation but I guarantee you I might waste time trying to get it to work,but I’ll give it a try I just hope it works…and yes it didn’t work.

Yup, today there are many affordable Android devices on the market today that is powerful enough to run Nomad Sculpt. When buying a new device for running Nomad Sculpt, please make sure to check the device specification, reviews, and benchmark (higher benchmark score means better performance). Nomad Sculpt hasn’t publish the official system requirements yet but you may check this forum: Minimum system requirements?
Here are the recommended system requirements based on the forum:

  • 2.0 GHz octa-core 64-bit ARMv8 CPU with big.LITTLE core configuration (uses A7x and A5x cores for mid-range and entry level phones or in flagship phones uses Xx, A7x, and A5x cores)
  • Vulkan compatible GPU (recommended using either Mali or Adreno GPU, mostly found in Adreno 600 series or newer and Mali-G series). Vulkan is a newer graphics API that uses multi-threading rendering compared to the older single-thread rendering used by OpenGL ES, Vulkan also uses less power compared to OpenGL ES while giving greater control over hardware and boost graphics.

Well thanks a lot,this stuff is no where near the requirements based on the above reference,but one strange thing I observed is that nomad works on older average devices with even 1gb ram flawlessly but doesn’t work on (you know what), even though the possible cause of it not working has been explained,its quite disappointing and upsetting something new fails to deliver.

32 bits is prehistory, I shouldn’t even support armv7 honestly (even though I still do).

What’s your device exactly?

Sir it’s an itel A18(A513) MediaTek MT6580 clock speed 1.30GHz Kernel architecture armv7l. Android 13.

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Xiaomi Poco F5 pro s already powerful enough, but Nomad Sculpt keep stopping after I do some action like draw brush or something.