Confused about Save and Save as

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I love this software, it is very intuitive, except for the Save / Save As / Rename commands.

I’ve seen others have problems with these commands, and like me have lost their first models created. I have now understood the logic of the software, so I think I see both sides of the coin, and I have a couple of suggestions to make, if you can bear with me.

To start with, I was surprised to see that every time I selected the Save or Load commands, I was asked for confirmation. Am I sure I want to save? Well yes! So I got used to systematically clicking OK for any command relating to any storage activity.

Then I wanted to work on a voxel merged model to try out more tools. Before I did that, I clicked Save As to keep the unmerged version. I was surprised that the Save As did not ask me what name I wanted to save under, which is what all the software I’ve ever seen does. (I admit I’m used to Windows and Android, and the logic of IOS sometimes escapes me). I didn’t see the Plus sign that you are supposed to click on to enter a new name. So I assumed it must have done a Save As somewhere. I then went and freely tried out all sorts of tools. I discovered a number of possibilities, but after a while, the model was completely useless. When I returned to the list, I found that the current model was the only one.

So my suggestion would be:

  • Remove the confirmation for the Save command
  • Only keep confirmation for the Load command if there are unsaved changes. The question should be something like “You have unsaved changes. Do you want to save them now?”
  • As soon as the user clicks “Save As”, open the Text box to request the new name of the model.

If you do a Save As without clicking the Plus button, it’s just as if you were doing a Save. If you click on another model, it’s as if you were deleting the old model and saving the new one under that name, which isn’t something you want to do very often.

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I forgot to say that before I used Save As, I tried Rename with similar consequences: I thought I had 2 existing models, but the first one had disappeared. So I lost both my first and my second models.

I’ve never experienced this. Every time I save, it performs as intended and every time I save as, it also prompts a renaming window before proceeding. Try restarting the iPad and or app and check to see if you have the latest software update :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering.
I restarted my iPad Pro, checked my version: 1.61, currently the latest. The described behaviour persists.

That is odd. Do you have an OS updates on the ipdad? If so, try doing all systems updates. If that doesn’t help then I’m out of ideas lol.

It’s not an OS thing, just a UX misunderstanding.

Not sure what kind of behavior you are talking when you mention “all the software I’ve ever seen does” but from what I remember on most softwares, the Save as opens popup when you input the name and validate. OR you select an existing file and then it overrides this file.
I just tried with Blender on MacOS and it works like that (actually… it doesn’t even ask you if you are sure about overrding existing file).

Me too, same that explain @francis, it’s a little misunderstanding
But “save as” doesn’t ask for a name, you must click on “+” to appear the new name.

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Was never a problem here, but I really love to just press + for incremental save.
If, there is something one needs to get used to as a lazy Procreate etc saver.
You really have to press save to be 100% sure finding last status back, even when Nonad was closed in between for any reason.
IOS apps do this mostly for you. That’s
why IOS users are getting lazy and dump and mock about reality…… :joy: :rofl: :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

Well, I forgot to save as well for a few times, even though I am mainly windows penetrated since 30 years. :vulcan_salute:

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:sweat_smile: yes, I agree

That’s what I do

“there is something one needs to get used to as a lazy Procreate etc saver”
Once you’ve understood how it works, that’s not the problem.

The problem isn’t clicking the plus sign, rather it is losing the first models of a number of users, who expect the software to behave like all the rest.

It does though - only difference is the popup window is different. Blender works same way as Stephane mentioned in the thread, it’s exactly the same. Save As brings up the files menu, which allows you to over-write or make a new save under a new name. I’ve never had a problem with this personally but just sharing my experience also. The key difference is the UI and how its laid out, but the operations and behaviour are identical.