Colorpicker / Editing materials / multicolor

It would greatly enhance painting workflow if there could be a Procreate style color picker shortcut: one finger long press would pick up the color at location of press.

Are there ideas in the works for expanding the options for materials? An option to add a gradient (2 colors), would greatly add to the potential color and painting effects.

For the record, the smooth painting and sculpting flow is really astonishing. It’s hard to imagine how you’ve done it with the CPU limitations on our mobile devices.

There’s already a color picker, but maybe I’ll add later the long press thing.

Thanks, the smooth is not that hard but the smudge was tricky because I wanted the tool to work even on high density mesh (if you try in blender you can see the smear tool has almost no effect on high poly mesh).

As for cpu mobile: they are as powerful as the desktop one, really.
The difference lies on the available RAM and the GPU (for now Nomad doesn’t really push the GPU but I can’t wait improve the rendering to see how it goes).