Chibi phœnix

Voila, this is a first for me this kind of pluto kawaii rendering. The hardest part was not to do too much and not too little, so before going all out I stopped there.

turntable : Chibi Phœnix - Nomad Sculpt - YouTube


Nice, how you create the scales? Seem perfect and seamless

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Stunning!! Detail is incredible - brilliant work my friend!

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Well that must have been feathers lol. Otherwise it’s just an alpha with repetition and a lot of patience.

I said so, I had to add details lol. I did this whole project in order to texture it in procreate lol, finally no need.

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Worked out really well! I’ve done projects before with intention of porting out into other software, but results from Nomad alone end up keeping me glued to it lol. I haven’t seen much of your work before, this art is gold!

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the famous details that took me a long time.

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With perspective on


Sketchfab : Chibi Phoenix - Nomad Sculpt - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by costorella (@costorella) [9741fcc] - Sketchfab Store

I didn’t manage to get the same rendering in sketchfab because I had to use PBR instead of nomad’s matcap, so it looks a lot redder but it will be fine.

wow! Both version are really cool. The effort with the details really paid off. well done!

Did you mean that render it out of nomad? Or using nomad PBR?

@Josepmy Only nomad and color adjust with ultimatte and i use Matcap. But for sketchfab i use pbr

Sorry, “ultimatte”? I don’t understand.
PBR on sketchfab means that you upload directly from the obj exported from Nomad? In my case when I upload using PBR the colors are too pale on sketfab.

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if I understood correctly when you import in sketchfab by default it is in PBR but my project was done in matcap but if I use the matcap of sketchfab then it becomes anything. So I had to make a pbr version in sketchfab by exaggerating the colors to try to find the sketchfab rendering.

ok, then on sketchfab setting of your model you activate the PBR, right?

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yes, this is the path :wink:

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Cute little sculpt. It does remind me of Tweety Bird though .:slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

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in doing it on purpose it has some resemblance to tweety, but it also sounds like chocobo.

So cute! Great detail!

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