Changing the color of the global resizing ring on the gizmo

Hi, i am colorlind - somehow, i am not able to see the resizing ring when the gizmo is over a mesh as the color is mostly lost to my eyes. Would it be possible to add a configuration to change color, sizing, style (dotted) or something? Now I am often pulling on the rotation ring by accident.

oh, similarly, the two new 1.85 mask and sel mask icons looked greyed out to me and i have been hunting them while sculpting… can we have an image icon rather than line art… as at least use a more obvious color? Thank you.

You can disable color icon in the interface menu.

You mean for the colored icons? Noted with thanks. However that configuration does not affect the general resizing ring color on the gizmo I believe … that one impacts me more…

By the way, thanks for helping me merged my posts recently.

Note you can change the tool icon yourself (click on a tool in the toolbox).

Maybe use a darker matcap for the gizmo, to help with the contrast.
I don’t plan on adding more customization for now.

ok. no worries. just thought i ask :slight_smile: